Yanna Krupnikov, Ph.D.


Stony Brook University

Country: United States (New York)

About Me:

Yanna Krupnikov is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Stony Brook University. Her research and teaching focus on political psychology, political communication, political persuasion and political behavior. Broadly, her research merges psychology and political science in order to identify points at which new information can have the most profound effect on the way people form political opinions, make political choices and, ultimately, take political actions. Her work has been published in such journals as the American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Political Communication, Political Behavior, Public Opinion Quarterly and others. She is also the co-author (with Samara Klar), of the book Independent Politics, published by Cambridge University Press in 2016.

Research Interests

Political Participation

Political Communication

Elections, Election Administration, and Voting Behavior

Political Psychology

Public Opinion

Political Parties and Interest Groups

Independent Voters

Social Identity

Media Effects

News Media

Countries of Interest

United States