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Amber Boydstun, Ph.D.

University of California, Davis

Country: United States (California)

About Me:

Amber E. Boydstun (Ph.D. Penn State University) is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Davis. She uses lab experiments, large-scale media studies, and manual and computational text analysis to study how issues make the news, the dynamics of “media storms,” and how media attention shapes public opinion. She is author of Making the News (Chicago) and co-author of The Decline of the Death Penalty and the Discovery of Innocence (Cambridge), as well as many journal articles. She serves on the Editorial Boards of Political Communication, Journal of Public Policy, the Text as Data Association, and Women Also Know Stuff.

Research Interests

Political Communication

Political Psychology

Public Policy

Text as Data

Experimental Research

Public Opinion

News Media

Agenda Setting

Issue Framing

Political Psychology

Text As Data

Capital Punishment