Rachel Blum, Ph.D.


Miami University of Ohio

City: Dayton, Ohio

Country: United States

About Me:

I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Faculty Research Associate in the Center for Public Management and Regional Affairs at Miami University of Ohio. Originally from Denver, Colorado, I received my PhD at Georgetown University in May 2016. I specialize in political parties, ideology, political behavior, and computational methods.My current projects include a book on the Tea Party (Inside Job: The Tea Party Takeover of the Republican Party), and several articles on presidential endorsement networks, Congressional communication networks, and elite transmission of ideology.

Research Interests

Political Parties and Interest Groups

Networks And Politics

Text as Data

Public Opinion

Religion & Politics

Specific Areas of Interest

Tea Party

Ohio (elections)


Countries of Interest

United States

My Research:

Topically, my research focuses on the Tea Party, political parties, factions, and ideology.Methodologically, I use social network analysis, natural language processing, survey experiments, interviews, and a variety of other quantitative and qualitative techniques.