Nikki Usher, Ph.D.

University of Illinois

Country: United States (Illinois)

About Me:

I study how news is changing in the digital and platform era. My research, teaching, and commentary focuses on the myriad challenges and opportunities facing the future of journalism in a democracy. Some key areas of inquiry include: 1) Trust, partisanship, and polarizaiton in journalism 2) news innovation, news business models, and new technology 3) data journalism, open source, and transparency 4) social media including misinformation, user-generate content, and algorithmic accountability 5) political journalism 6) AI and journalism I am the author of two books, Making News at The New York Times (2014) and Interactive Journalism: Hackers, Data, and Code. You can find most of my academic work ungated via I'm a widely-cited and experienced source with appearances on national television, radio, and in text/written journalism. I am also available for op-ed writing and commissioned pieces regarding my research expertise. You can see some of this via

Research Interests

Political Communication

Networks And Politics

Elections, Election Administration, and Voting Behavior

Public Opinion

Political Participation

Political Economy

Political Parties and Interest Groups

Specific Areas of Interest

Digital Journalism

Political Journalism

Partisanship And Polarization

Political Geography

News Innovation

Local News

Elite Media



Open Source