Amy Erica Smith, Ph.D.

Iowa State University

Address: 503 Ross Hall

City: Ames, Iowa - 50011

Country: United States

About Me:

I'm an assistant professor of political science at Iowa State University. My research focuses on citizens' political ideas and behavior, with a strong regional focus on Latin America, and particularly Brazil. Much of my recent work is on religion and politics. My academic writing has been published in various peer-reviewed journals and books. I have also written blog posts and articles for venues such as AmericasQuarterly, The Monkey Cage blog (Washington Post), Duck of Minerva, Vox.LACEA, and Religion in Public, and I have been interviewed in sources such as the New York Times and Iowa Public Radio. I received my Ph.D. in political science from the University of Pittsburgh in Fall 2011. Please see my website for further information, or get in touch.

Research Interests

Latin American And Caribbean Politics

Religion & Politics

Comparative Democratization

Gender and Politics

Political Participation

Public Opinion

Representation and Electoral Systems

Countries of Interest