The following experts are available to comment on the 2018 Midterm Elections:
High Profile Senate Races:  Experts by Topic: 

FL: Kathryn DePalo, Ph.D.

Campaign Finance: Sara Reckhow, Ph.D.

IN: Nadia Brown, Ph.D.

Immigration/Citizenship: Natalie Masuoka, Ph.D.

MO: Andrea Benjamin, Ph.D.

Partisanship: Beth Simas, Ph.D. 

MT: Elizabeth Shanahan, Ph.D.

Polling: Rachel Bitecofer, Ph.D. 

NV: Rebecca Gill, Ph.D.

Race & Ethnic Politics: Jamila Michener, Ph.D.

TX: Bethany Albertson, Ph.D.

Redistricting: Robin Best, Ph.D.

AZ: Samara Klar, Ph.D.

Turnout: Mia Costa, Ph.D. 

Women in Politics: Nichole Bauer, Ph.D.


Women in Politics: Mirya Holman, Ph.D.

  Youth Voting: Stella Rouse, Ph.D.
For more experts, visit the www.womenalsoknowstuff.com database of 1800 women in political science.